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Health Insurance on the Rise – No surprise here!

dollar-1175293_1280Are we shocked?  No! I personally am beyond disappointed and furious at the upcoming 2017 health insurance – all across the board! It’s really almost embarrassing how we have allowed healthcare to evolve in this country.

Going back to December 2015/January 2016, I qualified for and purchased ‘Obamacare’ (a/k/a The Affordable Healthcare Act). Being that I am considered an independent contractor (IC) on my job as a medical transcriptionist (most transcription services are too cheap to consider us employees and will not cover us for health insurance or any other benefits). [Note: While temporarily being an Uber driver, I too was considered an independent contractor, but they at least offered some type of health insurance for their drivers if we so chose – which says that companies could have had it for their IC’s!] My monthly premium was $251 for a somewhat new, up and coming health insurance in Georgia (also offered in 1 or 2 other states) called Harken Health. Over these last 11 months, I can tell you that Harken Health was the elite –  the crème de la crème   of all insurances as well as health care facilities!!!  They were similar to Kaiser where they are an insurance company, as well as a healthcare facility where you can go and receive health care whether with your primary care and/or specialties). They have several offices throughout the metro Atlanta area. Their services consisted of having a ‘health coach’ – a licensed individual who was literally at your beckoning call whenever you needed them. All preventive medicine visits, i.e., vaccines, shots, even specialty office visits such as cardiologists, dermatologists, etc. – there was never a copay! OMG where does THAT exist in 2016!!

Now that the 2017 enrollment has opened, my year-long run of spectacular health care has come to a screeching halt. Harken Health (along with many other health insurance policies) have decided to leave the Affordable Healthcare Act. Because this country is so bent and bound on repealing Obamacare, along with having the greed mindset, many insurances have pulled out of the Affordable Healthcare Act for 2017 going forward. If I choose to still be a part of Harken Health (individual plan – outside of Obamacare) the price will skyrocket from $251 per month to – are you ready for this – $1000 per month premium! More than a car note. More than some rent/mortgage.  I was so infuriated by this, I guess you can say I had an anxiety attack (and/or heart palpitations) in which my heart rate rose to 127 beats per minute over the next several days. Not good for a person with heart disease.

Harken Health is not the only one. In searching out other health insurances for myself, they ALL have risen to a ridiculous price for monthly premiums. I found no policies less than $637 per month for health insurance that I would have to pay for my at my age, my health issues, etc. (They say that preexisting conditions are no longer considered, but it sure is funny that when seeking out a suitable health policy, they do ask you ‘how often will you be going to the doctor in 2017? Do you think you’ll be going to the doctor more than 6 to 9 times per year?’ Okay….why are you asking me that if you’re not considering my age and my health problems? Ugh!

So those of you who thought Obamacare was nonsense, too expensive and ‘needs repealing’, I found it to have saved me money in my prescriptions, saved me mentally in dealing with life stressors by having a knowledgeable health coach and just overall genuinely caring for ME as a person!

Needless to say I am on the hunt for new coverage as well as a new job where I will not have to be an independent contractor, or if I am one, make triple the income where I can afford insurance……Good luck with that!!!

EB Awareness Week – October 25-31, 2016

ebawarenessweek_2016logoPretty ironic that EB (Epidermolysis bullosa) Awareness week begins today, October 25th (my birthday – the day I was born with EB 58 years ago)!

I’ve written about EB here on my blog in the past – giving you my story of what it’s like to have EB. ( This year for EB Awareness Week 2016, I’d like to just focus on getting people aware of EB and how to help find a cure.

In today’s world of social media, there is not so much of a ‘taboo’ in talking about EB or just suffering alone with it. That’s the one thing I DO love about social media – there are so many ways to find support, find new friends, find answers to questions  you may have had and share with people just like you – no matter what the disease! I’m so thankful to the many new friends I’ve met who knows what it’s like to live with epidermolysis bullosa. (By the way – if any of my EB’ers want to share their story, ideas, etc. this week for EB Awareness Week, message me and I’d love to publish here on my blog).

debra of America (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America) in the United States is an organization dedicated to informing, teaching and increasing awareness for those suffering with this disease. There is also a debra International.

Show some love to these organizations and the different links to find out how you can participate in helping physicians, researchers, etc. find a cure for this incurable disease!


Medications Versus Natural Herbs/Supplements

There’s always been a great debate (at least in my world) of whether or not we should be headache-1540220_1280taking medications OR whether we should be using natural herbs/supplements to heal and/or cure diseases.

For ages, people have used what God has given us here on this earth and that is the herbal plants of the land to provide healing – herbal plants such as mint leaves, chamomile, ginger, garlic, just to name a few, as well as lemons, vinegar and whole host of other natural remedies (which are still being used today) to prevent and cure a lot of ailments.

My latest run-in with the debate of whether to use medications or supplements has really got me perturbed, to say the least. As my 95-year-old mother still warns me “don’t get on the medication merry-go-round, because you will never get off”!

So I was diagnosed 5 years ago with glaucoma, right, so of course, I was concerned in trying to save my vision by using these outrageously expensive eyedrops.  Ok, no problem. A few months ago I was diagnosed as having ‘anxiety’ (which I agree, I’ve been anxious, uptight) well, I guess just life in general (plus genetically got it from dad who too was anxious, probably on hindsight was PTSD for him), so I’m prescribed medicine for the anxiety also. After 4.5 years of having the same ophthalmologist, for a myriad of reasons (of which I won’t delve into) I decided it was time to change eye docs, so just 2-1/2 to 3 weeks ago was my first visit to the new ophthalmologist. This eye doc also specializes in glaucoma, so I went through the barrage of tests again – the process you go through in establishing a new physician. Found out the pressure in my eyes had skyrocketed!  Mind you now, I did stop taking the eye drops because it was leaving a huge crusty paste in my eyes upon awakening each morning. (had the former eye doc informed me to use artificial tears every couple of hours throughout the day to prevent the crusty paste, I wouldn’t have stopped the eye drops!) So, upon leaving this new eye doc’s office with such devastating news that my vision is worse, was told to ‘stop driving period but it’s okay to still work’.  Ummm, okay really?? I must stop driving, but it’s okay for me to still worsen my eyes by continuing to be on the computer for another 20 or 30 years?I Really doc???.  Needless to say, I decided to go home and do what I do best – research!

small-nettle-766130_1280I discovered, in reading more than 3 reliable sources that the medication I was taking for my anxiety should NOT be taken if you have glaucoma! Specifically, it should not be taken if you have angle-closure glaucoma (which is the type I have), as it will cause the angles of your eyes to become even more narrow.  As a result of my findings I decided to call the eye doctor back to question this.  They, of course, said ‘we’ll call you back on that.’ I guess they had to research it too!  Anyway,  hours later, I get the call back. They had the audacity, the unmitigated gall to say “it was okay for me to still take the anxiety medication.”!!!

At this point, I’d much rather use medicinal  marijuana than to go back taking a medication that will eventually CLOSE my angles and cause more damage to my eyes!  It’s just the bottom line – medicinal marijuana (the actual cannabis plant or cannabis oil) will help glaucoma in preventing further damage. For some people, medicinal marijuana also dramatically improves a lot of other disorders including multiple sclerosis and children with severe epilepsy. Just recently, I transcribed a chart where the physician dictated that “this child made remarkable improvement” in slowing down the amount of seizures he/she was having by using the medicinal marijuana. A lot of children have anywhere from 2 to 30 seizures per day – which is so dangerous and life-threatening every time they have a seizure.

Listen folks, I’m not here to promote marijuana, nor any specific supplement or to say that all medications are bad and should never be taken. I’m just here to help someone to actually empower your health – read, do your research, get knowledge about everything regarding your health.

Maybe I’ll finally learn and listen to my 95-year-old mother.  I mean, she is 95 years old….still here….still has all her wits about her…. and her longevity certainly didn’t come from taking a slew of medications either!!

The Abuse Must Stop – So What is the Solution?

Okay.  I’m going straight to the point on this one. There have been too many children whose face-1617558_1280lives have been lost by negligent parents either leaving their children in a hot car or abusing babies and eventually causing the death of a child because they cry too much. Also, there are too many mother’s abusing their bodies while they are pregnant whereas the child enters this world with major health issues.

In my line of work as a medical transcriptionist, (currently transcribing reports for a children’s hospital), and as well as watching the news, I see a very disturbing trend of parents leaving children in a hot car – whether forgetting the child and/or purposefully leaving them!  I just cannot wrap my head around a parent forgetting a child in a car…..period!   I really think that having cell phones  play a major role in many of the mishaps and tragedies that are happening these days; from people texting while driving, people so engrossed in different apps and games on their phones until they absolutely forget what they are doing in the REAL world!

There are parents who have had 5, 10, 12 children and NEVER have they forgotten them, but these parents nowadays have one child and they forget them in a car??  There’s really something wrong with that!

The other trend I’m seeing as I’m transcribing these reports are children coming into this world with major, lifelong health issues. Mother’s are either taking drugs or drinking excessive alcohol while they are pregnant which causes babies to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome or addicted babies, which leads to problems like cerebral palsy or severe brain injuries or pulmonary issues, which leads to lifelong care for these innocent children. Because of HIPAA regulations and compliance that I must uphold as a transcriptionist, I cannot specifically speak on a particular report, but there was one I transcribed that just got me to the pit of my stomach. I’ve been transcribing for almost 20 years now – all kinds of reports, but this one in particular really stands out to me and is actually the reason I’m writing this blog. All I can say is that this child was born normally, but because the child was abused in its infancy, this caused major, major health issues wherein the child will need care for the rest of the child’s life.  Thankfully the child was adopted by a loving, caring family.


  • There have been some to ask me what are your thoughts, ideas about maybe having a device created to alert the parent that they are leaving something in the car. My opinion?  No!  That’s the problem – too many devices that we are depending on as it is!  Why do you need a device to remind you that you have a child in the car??  Your priority should be your infant, your toddler, your child! Solution:  Make your child/children your priority!
  • I well remember the feeling of being a new parent. Yes, it can be overwhelming and scary at times. If you feel that being a parent is too much for you too handle, don’t abuse your child. Seek out ways to get counseling – either on better parenting skills or ways to give your child up for adoption. I’d much rather see an adoption take place rather than taking your frustrations out on an innocent child who did not ask to be brought into this world. Abusing a child, even in its infancy can lead to horrible posttraumatic problems later in life for that child. Solution: Talk to social services, trusted family members or someone who’s understanding and caring and will connect you to the right services you may need.
  • Lastly, expectant mother’s – do all you can to stay healthy while you are carrying your baby.  There are tremendous consequences to you as well as the baby you’re carrying when they are exposed to tobacco, drugs, alcohol and prescription narcotic drugs. There are too many services out here now – services that were not even available to me 30+ years ago – that can help you during your pregnancy to refrain from harming your unborn baby.  Educate yourself on the implications of fetal alcohol syndrome, drug-addicted babies, as well as inherited diseases that can cause lasting affects.
  • Think twice before allowing yourself to become pregnant.  Ask yourself, am I financially able to care for a child? Is there a strong family history of inherited diseases that I know I can handle if I have a child?

Always seek counseling, assistance for your situation, no matter how difficult it is.  There is always someone out there who cares about your well-being as well as your unborn baby. Empower yourself to get knowledge, understanding – a lot of it absolutely free – like right here on this blog!  Seek out what’s in your community and take advantage of its resources. As I say often, you never know what’s out there to help you until YOU make the effort to seek it out!


Back to School!

back-to-school-913072_1280Seems just yesterday it was springtime!  Spending time with friends, enjoying late night summer evenings outdoors, vacationing, traveling – well seems like it’s all coming to a close for many returning to school. Half of 2016 is gone and now it’s back to school again for many and the season of fall quickly coming upon us!

For younger children, as well as high school and college-age students, along with those entering preschool for the first time and yep, even those who are home-schooled, it’s vitally important that their physical bodies are well rested and every morning consuming a healthy, hardy breakfast.  Our bodies (as well as our brain) seem to function better when we are not rushed, not stressed, having a good night’s sleep and a healthy, wholesome breakfast.  Things like oatmeal, fruits, toast, raisins, bananas and juice are inexpensive, nutritional foods they can have each day before school.

The state of Georgia (along with several other states), annually observe a tax-free holiday, held normally the weekend before the start of school (which is this weekend this year in Georgia) allows parents to purchase school items, clothes, footwear, computers, etc. tax free. This is very helpful to students (as as well as parents’ in savings) in preparing students for the many items/supplies they need for the school year.

Parents, let your children/young adults have a successful 2016-17 school year!  It is your responsibility to ensure that they are prepared as well as healthy in order for them to learn and be all that they can be for the future! Though we’re living in a very busy world with so much at our fingertips, let’s get back to very basic things when preparing for school; a good night’s rest (without cell phones and iPads), waking up early in the morning (and not rushing) and sitting down to a simple, nourishing breakfast – not to forget taking at least a multivitamin before catching that bus or getting a ride to school!

Medical Transcription Week – May 15-21

MTWEEK2016PICThough it is the end of the week, I have not forgotten that this week is National Medical Transcription Week.  I’ve been busy…. well transcribing!  There are not many  MTs around as compared to years’ past, but I still want to say a big thank you to those of us who are still here transcribing for doctors, nurse practitioners, fellows, etc., who have withstood  the many changes that have taken place over the years with being a medical transcriptionist, and lastly, being loyal to what you know and love.  A patient’s medical record would not be in existence if not for the medical transcriptionist.  As the trend of medical transcription has drastically changed over the years and evolved into more of the voice recognition editing, there are quite a few who are still doing the standard transcribing, which MTs consider ‘straight typing’ or ‘straight transcription.’

Speaking of voice recognition, here are a few ‘bloopers’ of voice recognition that we as medical transcriptionists/medical language specialists have to correct:

  • Voice recognition picks up:  ” Family accompanies her to the adult.”  This should be: “Family accompanies her to the toilet.”
  • Voice recognition: “Mother took patient to another antibiotic physician.” Should be: ” Mother took patient to a naturopathic physician.”
  • Voice recognition: ” Vaginal exam also somewhat superman genitalia. Should be: “Vaginal exam reveals normal external genitalia.”

Though these ‘bloopers’ are our transcription funnies, there really is nothing to laugh about when it comes to these types of errors in a patient’s medical record.  That is why it is extremely important to have a skilled, knowledgeable medical transcriptionist who knows and is thorough in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology and pharmacology to do this job, not just a typist!  There is finally controversy and action being taken now regarding voice recognition versus traditional transcription and these types of errors occurring in the patients medical record. As voice recognition was designed to ‘pick up’ the doctors voice as he is dictating, it is actually doing more harm than good – something now even a very keen patient recognizes in his or her medical record, leaving the patient to take legal action for these gross negligent errors, all in the name of trying to ‘produce’ a certain amount of work rather than being quality conscious. A well-trained medical transcriptionist who remembers traditional transcription realizes that even to this day, it would be simpler to transcribe the entire report than try and ‘fix’ the edited/voice recognition version.  That is a completely different subject that I will not acknowledge right now……

Again, Happy Medical Transcription Week everyone. Thank you for your hard work, your unique listening ear, your fast fingers on the keyboard, the long hours you put in, and your dedication to helping keep safeguard of each and every patients medical record!

Mother’s Day 2016

From here at “You Empower Your Health”, I’d like to wish ALL mother’s and expectant mothers-day-754730_1280mothers a very special Happy Mother’s Day to you. We as mother’s will always be mother’s not just this day but forever!

In being a medical transcriptionist, I really get to transcribe really raw, heartbreaking things that REAL mother’s go through. These are the kind of mother’s who deserve awards, accolades and at least have the red carpet rolled out for you – if not but for a day!  I’m speaking of mom’s of chronically ill children (and children who are now adults) with such disorders as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, Down syndrome, children suffering from traumatic brain injuries, just to name a few, and mother’s who have terminally ill children stricken with either cancer or some other disease.  You guys are the toughest, most wonderful mother’s on earth!  I get to’see’ (in my transcribing) how you are with your children day in and day out in that hospital – and I’m talkin’ months and months of long-term hospital stays with your child, long monthly, sometimes weekly trips as far as traveling to different states to get the continued, ongoing and lifelong care for your child.  You are the epitome’ of the definition of mother – loving, caring, patient, showing  true affection. There’s nothing more beautiful of God’s creation than the natural, nurturing spirit of love that a mother has for her child.

Sure there are days you want to give up, but you don’t! There are days and days and DAYS that you cry until you can’t cry anymore, but you never give up!  So many other people walk out of your life because you have a ‘special needs’ or ‘different’ child (or children), but you keep going!  God chose YOU, more than any other woman because He knew only YOU could withstand, have courage and the strength to handle your unique situation.

So, to YOU I salute you, honor you and wish you the best Mother’s Day ever.

Establishing Preventive Medicine CAN Help You

meditation-1023497_1920So this, what I call ‘new wave’ of health called preventive medicine is sweeping this country as opposed to many and often long ER visits.

Some weeks ago, I had an encounter through my health insurance to establish a new primary care/preventive medicine, which now is no cost and no co-pay to the patient when you do have insurance. Actually I can say that that was a wonderful ‘experience’! With my many, many health issues, they (my ‘health coach’ and my nurse practitioner) spent an enormous amount of time with ME – not my medical record (EMR) but with ME.  Of course the health coach had to input all of my information into my newly established record, but I could SEE everything she was inputting!  Each and every health and/or behavioral issue I mentioned to her, she immediately stopped me to see what she and I can do to prevent further occurrences or problems.  This was the first time ever I didn’t feel rushed to get out of a doctor’s office so they can get to their next patient. I felt they were genuine in getting to the root of ALL my issues.

It feels really great to get a weekly phone call from my health coach just checking in on me, balloons-1175297_1280seeing if I’m reaching my goals for the action plan we put together, seeing if I’m doing MY part in staying healthy.  The problem I’m seeing though in the future is that these insurance companies, and I mean major ones, are pulling out of this state (as well as other states via the Affordable Healthcare Act) to put a halt to this preventive medicine.  Why? Because THEY are not profiting from preventive medicine!  (Sigh). It is already expensive enough to pay a monthly premium, to see other specialists and to pay for medications, etc.  If you don’t think your health, wellness and insurance won’t affect you starting 2017 and onward, think again! If you are not on top of your own health and wellness you better start because I believe this country is going to be in for a rude awakening very soon!  When is this country ever going to stop being greedy and really start caring about people again when it comes to health and wellness?

In the meantime, at least for this year, I will continue with conquering goals and actively participating in ways to prevent further health issues. A big, big shout-out to my Harken Health/United Healthcare through the Affordable Care Act for showing that you do care and believe in preventive medicine!

Religion or Prescription Drugs – What Killed Prince?

PRINCESYMBOLThough I am writing this post weeks before any toxicology report has come back on the death of singer, songwriter, and performer known as Prince, I along with many others, especially those of us medically inquiring minds want to know what really was the cause of Prince’s demise?

I wrote a blog post a while back, “Hypocrisy Could Kill You!”  which dealt with people who practice the Jehovah’s Witness religion, whereas part of their beliefs are not to receive any blood-borne products, i.e. blood transfusions. I also mentioned how I do not comprehend how can a devout, practicing Jehovah’s Witness NOT accept blood transfusions, but yet they can drink a plethora of hard liquor, yet feel that accepting another’s blood to keep them alive is more dangerous than hard liquor.  (Previous blog link:   (

Prince became a practicing and devout Jehovah’s Witness in 2001.  His outward appearance, especially for a 57-year-old, personified one who was ‘very healthy’; not eating meat and very careful as to the foods he did or did not eat. Internally though, it is a known fact that over time he needed a double hip replacement from all the years of performing, dancing, doing splits, jumping off stages, long performances. As we get older, we as humans naturally become slower, bones age and muscles get stiffer.  Yes, it’s great to stay in shape, exercise, I’m not knocking that at all.  I’m saying that we cannot fool ourselves, or our physical bodies into thinking we will get younger!

As Prince’s autopsy came back (external) as no foul play, no bruises, etc. on his outward body, I can only imagine what his inward organs, blood draws, etc. looks like after the medical records and toxicology reports come back. A ‘healthy’ 57-year-old just does not drop dead for no reason. The ‘flu’ (which I never believed he had the flu) will not kill a healthy, fit person. IF it is true and revealed that he took prescription drugs such as opiates to deal with what I’m sure was excruciating pain of his hips for over 10 years, I CAN believe this is what caused his early and untimely death – especially if you’re taking them in an amount that is unfathomable to me to cause organ failure!

Could Prince have been saved had he not been a Jehovah’s Witness and sought out surgery and complied with undergoing the surgical procedures needed to have hip replacement? Is your religious beliefs, your particular religion causing you to be ill or suffer a long-term health issue?  Just sayin’!

Prescription drugs as well as narcotic medications are changing and killing people at an alarming rate – more so than I’d say marijuana!  Has plain ‘ole marijuana killed a person? I don’t know of it actually causing a person to die!.  Not advocating neither street drugs or prescription drugs, nor am I advocating or speaking ill of a person’s religion, but I am wanting you to give some thought on how or what is governing your life, spiritually, emotionally and perceptively!

Though obviously I did not know Prince, my perspective of him have the earmarks of an individual who was very interesting, caring, giving and most definitely a very gifted person. I’m grateful for the gift and talents that he shared with the world. For sure, he was a person way ahead of his time, a person who cared for others, and in his latter years gained a deep respect for women (and all people for that matter) yet seemed lonely, in pain and deeply hurting. All of us suffer events or what we consider traumatic events in our lives and for some reason, even I have noticed with myself as well as others I know, as we get older, these events continuously play out in our heads, never forgetting what happened. What little we did know personally about Prince, this seems to have been the case as he DID suffer a surmountable amount of what he considered traumatic events, yet never ‘getting over’ what happened.  That’s why it is extremely important to have a personal, intimate relationship with God, not a religion or make a god out of our religious organization, per se. We can go to ANY church and get caught up with the religious formatting of that church and never have a one-on-one relationship with God himself! I’m no one to judge, change or speak or think negative of another human being – we just need to sincerely pray more for, show more genuine love, compassion and concern towards one another. No matter how mean they become or seem aloof, get your feelings out of it and just love on them, as best we can and as best as the other person will allow – no matter what their status is in life!


Caregiving – No Place For The Weak

My apologies for not blogging recently – it’s been a hell of a 2016 thus far!

Never did I think 2016 would get off to the start that it has for me, but it has. Many of you know and many of you don’t know, but I’ve been in Jackson, Mississippi (from Atlanta, Ga) since January 2nd, caring for my mom who became ill. The illness part of it was not as bad as I was imagining (thankfully) – mom suffering a TIA (or transient ischemic attack) or in laymen’s terms a mini-stroke. Never did I dream, imagine or think that coming here would take on a whole new role for me as well as for my mom.

We all know that as we age, the roles of life reverse themselves for many; hands-578918_1920mom and dad raise you, teach you until adulthood, but as the parents age, we as their children have to reverse the roles and that in itself can be very awkward as well as challenging. As the product of 1950s parents, it’s very difficult to try and tell your parents what to do; one because they always feel they are correct, no matter what the issue, and me as the child, not wanting to be disrespectful to the elderly, having been taught to be respectful to your parents – even though I’m a senior citizen! (lol). It’s by trial and error that I’m learning how to deal with the elderly but I’m also learning to recognize that there are real, deep-rooted wounds in which that particular generation of parents’ themselves faced in their upbringing. These unforgiving and unforgotten problems seem to be ingrained and they cannot let go, which in itself brings on a whole new slew of issues.

When I use the term caregiving, I don’t mean just coming sitting with my mom and we share stories or reminisce on times’ past. What I mean is this:  Getting up when the sun rises, preparing breakfast, bathing, giving medications, checking vital signs, emptying urinal, cleaning house, cooking for lunch (as diabetics have to eat every few hours), checking vitals again, washing clothes, preparing a light evening meal, giving medications, checking vitals, doctors appointments 2-3 times per month, preparing physical therapy and occupational therapy coming twice per week to assist in getting mom back to her normal state of activity as best as possible, maintaining her business affairs (thankfully she’s still sharp and she can continue to maintain her bills, finances, etc. on her own for now) and oh yea, ME trying to maintain an income by working 7-8 hours at night!  Whew!  Just reading that makes me exhausted! This by the way is 7 days a week. That’s why I said caregiving is NOT for the weak.

Thankfully now days there is an abundance of assistance to assist the caregiver as caregiving can be overwhelming. There are support groups for caregivers who understand and have gone through similarities. There are hundreds of agencies that have very professional, caring staff such as nurses, nurses aides, physical therapy and occupational and even volunteers who will come and assist with the most minute task such as cleaning, cooking or even just sitting with a person so that the caregiver can get a break. Most of these services are covered either through Medicare, Medicaid and of course private pay.

My advice to those out there considering caregiving for your loved ones or know of someone who is thinking of becoming a caregiver to someone, really do your research carefully, think long and hard before you decide to take on this task yourself.  Your own health must be in order and in good standing to be able to help someone else because this is something that requires 10-12 hours per day, a situation which could become long-term – for a few months to many years – and it requires YOU to be in tip-top shape – physically, mentally and emotionally. Don’t hesitate to reach out to others who have had experience with being a caregiver and get their thoughts and ideas and most of all, always take care of you before taking care of someone else.