Back to School!

back-to-school-913072_1280Seems just yesterday it was springtime!  Spending time with friends, enjoying late night summer evenings outdoors, vacationing, traveling – well seems like it’s all coming to a close for many returning to school. Half of 2016 is gone and now it’s back to school again for many and the season of fall quickly coming upon us!

For younger children, as well as high school and college-age students, along with those entering preschool for the first time and yep, even those who are home-schooled, it’s vitally important that their physical bodies are well rested and every morning consuming a healthy, hardy breakfast.  Our bodies (as well as our brain) seem to function better when we are not rushed, not stressed, having a good night’s sleep and a healthy, wholesome breakfast.  Things like oatmeal, fruits, toast, raisins, bananas and juice are inexpensive, nutritional foods they can have each day before school.

The state of Georgia (along with several other states), annually observe a tax-free holiday, held normally the weekend before the start of school (which is this weekend this year in Georgia) allows parents to purchase school items, clothes, footwear, computers, etc. tax free. This is very helpful to students (as as well as parents’ in savings) in preparing students for the many items/supplies they need for the school year.

Parents, let your children/young adults have a successful 2016-17 school year!  It is your responsibility to ensure that they are prepared as well as healthy in order for them to learn and be all that they can be for the future! Though we’re living in a very busy world with so much at our fingertips, let’s get back to very basic things when preparing for school; a good night’s rest (without cell phones and iPads), waking up early in the morning (and not rushing) and sitting down to a simple, nourishing breakfast – not to forget taking at least a multivitamin before catching that bus or getting a ride to school!

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