Establishing Preventive Medicine CAN Help You

meditation-1023497_1920So this, what I call ‘new wave’ of health called preventive medicine is sweeping this country as opposed to many and often long ER visits.

Some weeks ago, I had an encounter through my health insurance to establish a new primary care/preventive medicine, which now is no cost and no co-pay to the patient when you do have insurance. Actually I can say that that was a wonderful ‘experience’! With my many, many health issues, they (my ‘health coach’ and my nurse practitioner) spent an enormous amount of time with ME – not my medical record (EMR) but with ME.  Of course the health coach had to input all of my information into my newly established record, but I could SEE everything she was inputting!  Each and every health and/or behavioral issue I mentioned to her, she immediately stopped me to see what she and I can do to prevent further occurrences or problems.  This was the first time ever I didn’t feel rushed to get out of a doctor’s office so they can get to their next patient. I felt they were genuine in getting to the root of ALL my issues.

It feels really great to get a weekly phone call from my health coach just checking in on me, balloons-1175297_1280seeing if I’m reaching my goals for the action plan we put together, seeing if I’m doing MY part in staying healthy.  The problem I’m seeing though in the future is that these insurance companies, and I mean major ones, are pulling out of this state (as well as other states via the Affordable Healthcare Act) to put a halt to this preventive medicine.  Why? Because THEY are not profiting from preventive medicine!  (Sigh). It is already expensive enough to pay a monthly premium, to see other specialists and to pay for medications, etc.  If you don’t think your health, wellness and insurance won’t affect you starting 2017 and onward, think again! If you are not on top of your own health and wellness you better start because I believe this country is going to be in for a rude awakening very soon!  When is this country ever going to stop being greedy and really start caring about people again when it comes to health and wellness?

In the meantime, at least for this year, I will continue with conquering goals and actively participating in ways to prevent further health issues. A big, big shout-out to my Harken Health/United Healthcare through the Affordable Care Act for showing that you do care and believe in preventive medicine!

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