About Me

Marsha Hughes-Johnson

You may ask whom am i?  I am a kind-hearted, yet bold, risk-taking woman who has had a passion for better health since childhood and the desire to see people well and not sick.  Despite my own health setbacks – from time of birth with being diagnosed with a rare skin disorder and being told I “would not survive” – to having benign skin cancer, two herniated disks and a heart attack, my attitude is to pick up and move on to the next challenge life brings me!!

I’m employed as a medical transcriptionist – one who transcribes/types, translates your permanent medical health record for hospitals and doctor’s offices.   I’ve noticed many, many people – including myself – ignoring the signs and symptoms of the slightest aches, pains, etc for years on end.  Because we get so busy with life and family, we often neglect these signs and symptoms over time, resulting later in serious medical conditions and unnecessary and untimely tragedies that simply could have been prevented and/or maintained if we only had not ignored those signs.

Though I am not a physician nor a licensed healthcare provider, my goal for this blog is to share my stories and experiences regarding common aches and pains that go totally ignored by us time after time, either by way of self-denial or just not knowing where to turn.

The 15+ years of being a medical transcriptionist has made me passionate about creating a blog so that I can bring awareness of certain medical conditions, especially to my beloved urban communities, by sharing the many available opportunities that are out there for you without spending a fortune as it relates to your health while learning about YOUR beautiful body!.    Let me help break down some of those huge medical terms for you so that you can get a better understanding of  your health and begin to take action.  I welcome you, my readers, to share tips, resources, healthy recipes and to share ideas regarding prevention of major illnesses.  Let’s put an end to being in “denial” of the most common signs and symptoms that could potentially be a life-threatening and/or chronic illness and let’s begin empowering OUR health!!