Say What?

keyboard-177482_640This section is dedicated to translating medical terms into layman’s terms.  Don’t be afraid – that word definitely has a very simple meaning!  In addition to my blogs, each week here at “Say What“?, I will select 3 or more terms that you can learn to pronounce and begin to decipher medical ‘lingo’ that you may hear from time to time.

Epiphora (eh PIFF or ah):  (Overflow of tears), lacrimation.  Also known as watery eyes.

Myocardial infarction (mye’oh Car dee’oh in farc shun):  Cardiac tissue death occurring when the arteries are occluded (blocked).  Also called heart attack.

Anorchism (An’or Kih’zum):  Condition of being born without a testicle.  Also may be an acquired condition due to trauma or disease.

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