Mother’s Day 2016

From here at “You Empower Your Health”, I’d like to wish ALL mother’s and expectant mothers-day-754730_1280mothers a very special Happy Mother’s Day to you. We as mother’s will always be mother’s not just this day but forever!

In being a medical transcriptionist, I really get to transcribe really raw, heartbreaking things that REAL mother’s go through. These are the kind of mother’s who deserve awards, accolades and at least have the red carpet rolled out for you – if not but for a day!  I’m speaking of mom’s of chronically ill children (and children who are now adults) with such disorders as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, Down syndrome, children suffering from traumatic brain injuries, just to name a few, and mother’s who have terminally ill children stricken with either cancer or some other disease.  You guys are the toughest, most wonderful mother’s on earth!  I get to’see’ (in my transcribing) how you are with your children day in and day out in that hospital – and I’m talkin’ months and months of long-term hospital stays with your child, long monthly, sometimes weekly trips as far as traveling to different states to get the continued, ongoing and lifelong care for your child.  You are the epitome’ of the definition of mother – loving, caring, patient, showing  true affection. There’s nothing more beautiful of God’s creation than the natural, nurturing spirit of love that a mother has for her child.

Sure there are days you want to give up, but you don’t! There are days and days and DAYS that you cry until you can’t cry anymore, but you never give up!  So many other people walk out of your life because you have a ‘special needs’ or ‘different’ child (or children), but you keep going!  God chose YOU, more than any other woman because He knew only YOU could withstand, have courage and the strength to handle your unique situation.

So, to YOU I salute you, honor you and wish you the best Mother’s Day ever.

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