The Abuse Must Stop – So What is the Solution?

Okay.  I’m going straight to the point on this one. There have been too many children whose face-1617558_1280lives have been lost by negligent parents either leaving their children in a hot car or abusing babies and eventually causing the death of a child because they cry too much. Also, there are too many mother’s abusing their bodies while they are pregnant whereas the child enters this world with major health issues.

In my line of work as a medical transcriptionist, (currently transcribing reports for a children’s hospital), and as well as watching the news, I see a very disturbing trend of parents leaving children in a hot car – whether forgetting the child and/or purposefully leaving them!  I just cannot wrap my head around a parent forgetting a child in a car…..period!   I really think that having cell phones  play a major role in many of the mishaps and tragedies that are happening these days; from people texting while driving, people so engrossed in different apps and games on their phones until they absolutely forget what they are doing in the REAL world!

There are parents who have had 5, 10, 12 children and NEVER have they forgotten them, but these parents nowadays have one child and they forget them in a car??  There’s really something wrong with that!

The other trend I’m seeing as I’m transcribing these reports are children coming into this world with major, lifelong health issues. Mother’s are either taking drugs or drinking excessive alcohol while they are pregnant which causes babies to be born with fetal alcohol syndrome or addicted babies, which leads to problems like cerebral palsy or severe brain injuries or pulmonary issues, which leads to lifelong care for these innocent children. Because of HIPAA regulations and compliance that I must uphold as a transcriptionist, I cannot specifically speak on a particular report, but there was one I transcribed that just got me to the pit of my stomach. I’ve been transcribing for almost 20 years now – all kinds of reports, but this one in particular really stands out to me and is actually the reason I’m writing this blog. All I can say is that this child was born normally, but because the child was abused in its infancy, this caused major, major health issues wherein the child will need care for the rest of the child’s life.  Thankfully the child was adopted by a loving, caring family.


  • There have been some to ask me what are your thoughts, ideas about maybe having a device created to alert the parent that they are leaving something in the car. My opinion?  No!  That’s the problem – too many devices that we are depending on as it is!  Why do you need a device to remind you that you have a child in the car??  Your priority should be your infant, your toddler, your child! Solution:  Make your child/children your priority!
  • I well remember the feeling of being a new parent. Yes, it can be overwhelming and scary at times. If you feel that being a parent is too much for you too handle, don’t abuse your child. Seek out ways to get counseling – either on better parenting skills or ways to give your child up for adoption. I’d much rather see an adoption take place rather than taking your frustrations out on an innocent child who did not ask to be brought into this world. Abusing a child, even in its infancy can lead to horrible posttraumatic problems later in life for that child. Solution: Talk to social services, trusted family members or someone who’s understanding and caring and will connect you to the right services you may need.
  • Lastly, expectant mother’s – do all you can to stay healthy while you are carrying your baby.  There are tremendous consequences to you as well as the baby you’re carrying when they are exposed to tobacco, drugs, alcohol and prescription narcotic drugs. There are too many services out here now – services that were not even available to me 30+ years ago – that can help you during your pregnancy to refrain from harming your unborn baby.  Educate yourself on the implications of fetal alcohol syndrome, drug-addicted babies, as well as inherited diseases that can cause lasting affects.
  • Think twice before allowing yourself to become pregnant.  Ask yourself, am I financially able to care for a child? Is there a strong family history of inherited diseases that I know I can handle if I have a child?

Always seek counseling, assistance for your situation, no matter how difficult it is.  There is always someone out there who cares about your well-being as well as your unborn baby. Empower yourself to get knowledge, understanding – a lot of it absolutely free – like right here on this blog!  Seek out what’s in your community and take advantage of its resources. As I say often, you never know what’s out there to help you until YOU make the effort to seek it out!


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