MENOPAUSE – living outside yourself

Menopause:  The definition is the cessation of a woman’s reproductive ability, the opposite of menarche.  The time when the blood stops flowing in her body every month.

Well, Marsha’s definition of menopause?  Many!!  First, why is it called “men-o-pause”?  Sounds as if we’re putting ‘men on pause.’!   It should be renamed ‘women-o-pause.  In my opinion, the definition of menopause is the worst hell that a woman can ever go through.  MENOPAUSE

Since I’m older and looking back now at life, menarche (the beginning of a menstrual cycle) is not as bad as menopause.  Being in labor during pregnancy is not as bad as menopause (I’ve been known to be in labor for 24 hours with one of my sons).  A migraine headache, having a toothache or even suffering from sciatica…….well maybe not sciatica, but it’s close to it …..can compare to going through menopause.

Menopause can last for years.  The mood swings, the highs and the lows, the hot flashes, being cold, losing memory, bone loss, terrible high blood pressure and I can go on and on.  It’s not as simple as people make it seem to be.  I really wish I had someone to prepare me for how bad it really is.  Mine began around 2009 – and is still ongoing.   Simply taking a ‘pill’ to stop the hot flashes is not enough for every woman.  It’s obvious something that we as women unfortunately have to deal with.  Every woman is different.  Some may not suffer anything.  Though I have never taken any hormone replacements or prescriptions to ease the menopause condition – maybe I should have.

I used to hear the saying that a woman is closest to death while in labor.  I think menopause can be similar to a person having a nervous breakdown or literally losing their mind.  For some women (such as myself and a couple of others I know), it makes you do and say things that feels as though you’re ‘outside of yourself’, things you’d never find yourself doing or saying in a normal state.  It’s almost as if someone is possessed with a demon.  I am so serious!  I have done and said some things inappropriately, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and I’ve also felt as though I was having a breakdown.  All because of menopause.

My advice for women who may begin the state of menopause or you think you may have symptoms, go see your doctor.  Read, read and read articles that are out there regarding menopause and look at the signs and symptoms.  Pay attention to those symptoms and seek help for it.  It is no joke.  This is one time I really feel sort of bad for men who have spouses, relatives, friends going through menopause.  You know you have a true man in your life and loves you unconditionally when he can stick with you throughout this part of a woman’s life.  Those of us who do not have partners, please don’t suffer with this alone.  Seek professional help for this.  Don’t be ashamed and don’t think it’s something ‘bad’.  Get the help you need.  It will save you undo stress in your life, will save your health, and you can learn to lead a productive life!

1 thought on “MENOPAUSE – living outside yourself

  1. Yes I SECOND THAT!The cold flashes really get ME i will have a winter hat,gloves and ear muff just watching tv. The hot flashes remind me a sound track da da da DADADA yes its crazy. GREAT Advice MARSHA!

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