Love You!

heart-620523_1280As Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time to celebrate ‘love’ – mainly someone you’re romantically involved with or affectionately attracted to, not everyone shares the same, for various reasons.  So today, here at You Empower your Health, I want to love on you, celebrate you, bring out the love in you so you can gladly share with someone else!.   Times like these can undoubtedly affect your health.  It can affect your mood, your mental health and your physical health.

Instead of ‘despising’ Valentine’s or hating on others and their ‘love’ for each other, treat YOU!  Treat yourself to what YOU would love to do!  Love YOU!!  Do something you’ve never done before for YOUR body, YOUR self.  Once you love on you, then share that love with someone whose alone, whose broken, an elderly person, or a person who may be ill, and by the end of this Valentine’s Day, after doing all of that, you will be so surprised how you’ve given yourself….and someone else a longer life, a healthier heart, a healthier mind and an overall healthier physical well being.   I LOVE YOU!!

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