Defining words for the week:      

symptom:  A subjective report of a disease state (e.g., pain, itching, fatigue are considered symptoms).

sign:  An objective finding of a disease state (e.g., blood coming from the nose is a sign – something that is apparent to the physician, patient and others).

diagnosis:  Identifying the disease or condition by a healthcare professional after evaluating a person’s signs, symptoms, and history.

Imdur:  (EM der) – Generic name is isosorbide mononitrate (Eye so SORE bide mon no NYE trate):  This medicine is in a class of drugs known as nitrate which is used to treat angina (chest pain) in patients with certain heart conditions (coronary artery disease).  It will NOT relieve chest pain once it occurs (whereas nitroglycerin CAN relieve chest pain that is already occurring).

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