Winter storm tips

With all of the harsh winter weather we’ve had throughout the entire U.S. so far in 2014,  I wanted ice-97702_640to add a few tips that have all to do with your health by keeping well, safe and warm – especially throughout areas that are not quite so accustomed to brutal cold, ice and snow.

  • Be  prepared:  According to my local power company, their suggestions of some of the items you should have at home are flashlights,  heating fuel and for sure medications and/or medical kit.  With your local weather advisory prepping you for an upcoming storm, there should be a plan in place if at all possible to be sure that you have enough refills of your medications, pick them up and have with you in case of a power outage, being stranded, etc.  Also if at all possible, have  a flashlight, and a battery-powered radio with fresh batteries present.  They also suggest that you have a stock of nonperishable foods.  MY suggestions on that would be to be as healthy as you can in that manner.  If you have no allergens, then tuna, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, milk to your liking and plenty of soup (there’s plenty of soups out there now with 25% less sodium in them) would be a great start, along with your other nonperishables.  The power company also suggest that in case of a power outage, you should disconnect all appliances you were using when the power went off. Do leave one light (switch) on to tell whether your power has been restored.  Never plug a generator directly into your home’s electrical wiring.  Lastly but just as important would be to check on your neighbors, family, friends who particularly live alone (as well as pets).  Be SURE to help them in some way to find the appropriate help they need BEFORE a storm hits.
  • Stranded in a storm:   After our “Atlanta Snowmageddon” we had a couple of weeks ago – over 2 inches of snow…… well let’s just say that we ALL should take responsibility and learn to be as prepared as possible in case one is stranded!  First off, listen, learn, observe and most importantly, take HEED to your local weather when they tell you that it IS a storm watch and/or warning coming in your area – that way, you will NOT be caught off guard.  It’s better to be overly cautious, than under-prepared!
  • Learn to stay home!  If you’re not in a setting such as a nurse, doctor, healthcare provider or other emergency situations, then there is no need for you to be out .   If you are in a stranded situation, be prepared to have a blanket or two in the backseat of your car (preferably than the trunk as ice could form and you’d be unable to open the trunk), along with winter shoes/boots, pillows, warm clothing to include gloves, a pair of socks/feet warmers, a fully charged phone, full tank of gas, prescription medications/medicine kit, non-perishable foods,  energy bars, bottled water.  Have emergency numbers in your cell phone such as Red Cross, your department of transportation emergency number, shelters and yes hotels.  Again, it’s better to be prepared than not.  One last tip I forgot to mention which is very important – be sure to utilize an ATM machine prior to an ice storm.  Once there’s a power outage, you will not be able to use an ATM machine, credit card machines, etc., so be prepared to have cash on hand before the storm.

Empower YOUR health and stay prepared ahead  of the storm!

2 thoughts on “Winter storm tips

    1. And I mean brutal for EVERYONE this year. Global warming and too many people on earth (lol)

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