A Healthy Father’s Day Gift


June 21, 2020 is celebrated as Father’s Day. With so many emotions this Father’s Day mainly because of the many events that have taken place so far this year around the country as well as around the world, I really want to emplore to ALL men this day and that is to empower YOUR life to choose this day going forward to get healthy and remain healthy.

A friend of mines I’ve known for 25+ years texted me, very upset because a dear friend of hers passed away.  That text struck me to my core!  Never did me, her or his friends and family ever expect him to die so young. BUT, he did have underlying health problems that, had he consistently gone to the doctor, he perhaps would be here today!  Over the years, my friend had shared with me their close friendship relationship  and has always shared how she was concerned about his health.  Being a man, he was more engrossed in his daily life of furthering to build his business or always seeking ways to being financially stable, all the while ignoring his health.

Women I ask ALL of you, whether it’s your father, your husband, your brother, your sons – however there is a man that you know and you know that his health is not good, please give him the best Father’s Day gift ever by getting him an appointment for a health and wellness checkup!  I want to emphasize to my people of color as well that it is extremely important to make followup appointments with your physician to get your underlying health problems taken care of.  Yes, men can be stubborn, but we have to be persistent and encouraging.  Women, even if you have to go with him to that appointment, GO with him, give him that support and keep encouraging him to get healthy.

We as women, tend to always want to be taken care of by our man. Don’t just sit on your throne like a bump on a log and expect him to take care of everything!  If you love your partner or friend, you should be in tuned to his needs as well.  God gifted us (women) by having great discernment and when you notice something not quite right with your man, encourage him to get seen and get healthy.

Men often ignore problems such as headaches, hearing problems, problems such as sleep apnea, urinary or bladder problems, heart problems or even mental problems – anytime you have any symptoms, stop brushing it off as if it will ‘go away’.  Headaches can turn into a stroke, hearing problems could turn into disequlibrium or neurologic problems, sleep apnea can turn into congestive heart failure, heart problems can turn into a heart attack, urinary or bladder problems could turn into prostate problems and/or cancer and mental problems (with all of the stress that you’re under) can turn into any number of mental disorders such as bipolar, mania, etc.

Get knowledgeable about your health people.  There are too many men dying unnecessarily, all because of either their stubbornness AND because no one was there to support them or encourage them to get on track to a healthier lifestyle – long before their health issues got bad.  Let’s not wait until the situation has gotten bad.  So many diseases and disorders can be prevented, reversed or cured by caring for yourself in a healthy manner. Become aware and knowledgeable about your community physicians and weed out the bad from the good.  Men, don’t be afraid to ask questions to your friends, family, people who may have been through similar situations as yours.  Ask them who and what places they recommend as well as doing your own research into better health.  If there is just no one in your life (no spouse, partner or loved one you can directly contact), do your research and take control of your own life.  Find your local social worker and/or counselor through your local health department and  they can be of great assistance to you in your journey to a healthier you!!

Whether you are a father or not, let this Father’s Day be a game-changer for you for the rest of your life and for your family’s legacy by caring for YOUR health!


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