Welcome 2016!

sylvester-723054_1280Happy 2016 everyone! Let’s get this new year off to a health-conscious start by taking control of YOUR lifestyle, YOUR eating habits, YOUR stress level.

How about I spent my New Year’s Eve (through 5 a.m.) being seen in the emergency room?! Nope – not a great start, but that just made me want to be ever the more attentive to, conscious of and ambitious about my own health.  Many of you who do know me and follow me on my personal Facebook page, I stated for the new year that I will doing me and me alone for 2016 – I truly mean that!  Not being selfish or self-centered, but these unnecessary types of ER visits I spent in 2015 were due to my own negligence – always concerned about others and their needs and not taking care of myself.

It all started last Tuesday when I woke up with a headache. I thought I was grinding my teeth and/or gums again, but neither of my teeth nor my gums were sore. As the day progressed, my right eye continued to be watery (as it had been for a couple of months now), but it also became very sore.  I was able to get in to the ophthalmologist’s office on Wednesday morning and he diagnosed me with blepharitis. Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid. There’s lots of crusting of the eyelids/lashes, so my physician just prescribed an eye ointment as well as vigorously washing the eye with warm water and baby shampoo. Well, the headaches continued as well as becoming increasingly more painful, so much so that I compared it to a pain being worse than labor pains and/or having a toothache.  I have a very high tolerance for pain, but there are certain physical pains that are just unbearable and that was one!! Trying to diminish the pain in my mind and trying to enjoy the last of 2015, my intentions were to attend night service at my church – obviously that didn’t happen. I came to the realization that I might as well make use of my insurance for 2015 on this last day and just go on to the emergency room to see what is really going on. I was concerned because with my history of having glaucoma, I was worried I was having what’s called a ‘glaucoma attack’ which can happen sometimes when a person has the closed-angle closure glaucoma (which is what I have). A glaucoma attack is when the pressure in your eyes suddenly rise (similar to having high blood pressure) and  the normal drainage of your iris becomes completely blocked. The symptoms of this attack are sudden blurred vision, headache, along with possible nausea and vomiting. This is considered a medical emergency.

The ER visit was sort of kinda helpful – same diagnosis as what my eye doctor gave me of blepharitis, but the ER did a very thorough job of making sure there was no infection behind the eyeballs, lens, etc. by doing a CT scan and taking laboratory tests as well.  The only thing done differently in the emergency room than my eye doctor was that I was given a prescription of antibiotics. Why my ophthalmologist did not prescribe any antibiotics is beyond my understanding, but that is a whole different conversation that I may blog about later…..  🙂

When I talk to you guys, I am always including myself in maintaining better health. As it is good for me to be passionate about helping other people to learn to empower their own health, this year and going forward, I will take charge of my own health better than I have so that I can be an example to others in maintaining healthy living!

2016 is my year!  I will educate you as best I can with the knowledge I’ve obtained over the 20+ years in transcribing, knowledge in medical terminology, medical records, etc. which I love so dearly, as well as my own personal experiences and help to decipher medical terms, advocating health empowerment and sharing all that I know to help you and your community live healthy and happy!


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