Holidays – Depression and loneliness becomes very real

woman-902213_1920Depression:  The definition that Merriam-Webster gives is this:  (1) A state of feeling sad. (2) A serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and unimportant. (3) A period of time in which there is little economic activity and many people do not have jobs.

As you can tell by the definition, the holidays can bring about many emotions, thoughts and lots of memories to all of us – good and bad. Thanksgiving and Christmas symbolizes being thankful and grateful and lots of giving, but to many it can generate depression, anxiety and loneliness coupled with lots of suicidal tendencies. The world has commercialized these two holidays in particular so much for so many years to the point that now, many no longer look forward to the holidays. I hear so many people now say, “I’ll be glad when Thanksgiving and Christmas come and go”!

It has become so overrated, filled with many putting on a facade, becoming arrogant and selfish – pretending to be ‘givers’ by buying gifts for their loved ones, but at the same time despising the very person they’re giving the gifts to!

Getting back to the basics is simple – take away the selfishness and do something different cornucopia-587613_640this holiday season by spending time with those who are alone, those who are burdened in the minds with sad or traumatic memories. I know many right now who are very ill, those who are deceased either days before the holidays or even burying a loved one days after the holidays and those are very dark, very hard times. Instead of feeding ourselves until we’re sick or spending money on gifts we will later not appreciate, take that energy and time to be a gift to someone else by lifting their spirits through our selfless acts of kindness!

And to those who are alone and depressed, I speak to you also.  You too can do something different for the rest of your life starting now during this holiday season! Begin to speak positive words into your own life daily.  Keep the good memories, but leave your past, your pain behind you – even if it’s just for a day – and look towards today and the future. Watch how things can change for the better for yourself by giving yourself permission to feel differently!  You too can pick yourself up and go spend time with someone else, give of yourself – there is always  someone else worse off than you.  As I saw an excerpt from a promo ad of Joel Osteen’s new book, “The Power Of  I Am”, he says when you have those thoughts of I’m not well, or I’m not beautiful, turn those words around to a positive and begin to say I AM well. I AM beautiful and I do have lots to offer others! I am in charge of my life!  It doesn’t cost you a thing to show yourself as giving, as helpful to others and soon you will find yourself coming out of your depression.

On this Thanksgiving Day 2015, I am grateful to be alive, to be well, to have my strength and to wake up and see another gorgeous day that God has created!  I’m grateful for my 94-year-old mother who is still here, still in her right mind. I’m grateful for many, many things this year……From me at Empower Your Health, I want to wish everyone a safe, healthy, happy holiday season!


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