Making 2015 a healthy, happy year!

Now that we’re into the first full week of 2015, I’m hopeful that this will be a prosperous and healthy year!   With the major holidays behind us, let this be a time to now focus on vintage-259349_1280better health……for ourselves and for others around us!  As I continue my job in the HIM field (health information management), there’s a tremendously large number of patients taking HUGE amounts of medications, people dying from the flu – even babies dying from it.  I hope that I can somehow help make a difference in someone’s life in my blogs so they can see the benefits of being healthy.  Of course we are not immune for dying, but we can do something about an early or unnecessary early demise if we just educate ourselves.

This is also the time of year, no matter what region of the country you live in, the weather is ever-changing and winters can be very brutal.   Let’s continue to be the eyes and ears of our elderly neighbors and others who may be less fortunate than us and help provide a heater, a blanket, a meal or a ride or whatever type of assistance you can give them – even if it’s calling 911 for them.  Those are just some of the many little things that we can do for others.

Though I am very fortunate to work at home, I DO remember the times of having to go out to work, spending many hours at work, going to and from work and shopping, etc. and spending more than 10 hours away from home.  When your body makes those different changes, going back and forth from heat to cold, being around very ill, coughing, sneezing people, our bodies tend to lose the resilience against fighting germs, diseases, etc.  That’s orange-401822_640why it is important to take charge yourself by utilizing simple things such as vitamin C, drink lemon water, have honey and lemon mixed with cinnamon.  You’d be totally surprised at what those items will do for your body!) and of course bundle up from head to toe when out in the elements.

I’m looking forward to a great 2015 in many ways.  I hope that I can continue to be an encouragement and a useful tool by my blogs to help YOU be a healthier and happier YOU!

2 thoughts on “Making 2015 a healthy, happy year!

    1. Thanks so much!! It’s people like you that reminds me of why I want to continue to encourage others in staying healthy and living a prosperous, healthy way of living. Hope to add more features and ideas to my blogs. Always feel free to add your thoughts, ideas, topics, etc.

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