Let’s Get educated!

It’s been a while my friends, but I’m back!!  Busy trying to find my way in life….well, my stability in employment that is, and so I’m back on track.

Saw EMS come through my complex a couple of Sunday’s ago – came to the complex next to mines.  Didn’t think much of it, so a couple of days later, I talked to one of the residence’s who live in that building and he informed me that it was his mom that EMS came for!!  As he went on to tell me her prognosis (as best he could in nonmedical terms), I was absolutely floored by how WE still do not take care of ourselves health-wise.  She was so incredibly short of breath to the point of gagging!!  That is when the son finally called EMS.  Her lungs were so filled with fluid and had been short of breath for some time, until she has had damage to her lungs.  She cannot even come home until her lungs are at a better capacity and will not collapse.  She hadn’t been to a doctor since she was 14 years of age and is currently 60 years old.  NOT GOOD!apple-256261_1280

Folks, this is NOT normal!  It is NOT normal to be short of breath.  It is NOT normal to have ongoing swelling in your feet and legs!  It is NOT normal to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and think you’re NOT going to be short of breath, have a ‘smoker’s cough’ and any other problems!

As I write this, I too am talking to myself as our health is a continual learning experience and I want to continue down the right path of a healthier me as well as my love for all of you to see a healthier you!  Again, I am not in perfect health, but I am doing fantastic considering where I’ve been in the last 4 years or so.  I too had to finally listen to someone who was positive, encouraging, knowledgeable, educate myself (in what my actual profession  is) and more importantly, learn from others who have been through serious health issues but have survived and changed their ways.  I too had to stop making excuses that I’m too busy.  We’re not too busy trying to earn more, pay our bills – we should never be too busy to care for own self!!  It’s about taking responsibility for your own health.   First, we have to change our mindset.  If we can gradually begin to change our mindset about ourselves and not think, ‘Oh it’s just a little headache’ it’ll go away’ or “honey, I’ve had this swelling for 3 or 4 months now, it will go away”, your life, your health WILL begin to improve.

Let us begin to educate ourselves, read more and as I’ve always said on this blog, let us learn our bodies and know when to get care from a healthcare professional.  If you’re worried about the big hospitals and thinking and worrying about payment after going to the hospital, we now have ever more increasing community clinics that have great medical staff.  They ARE interested and concerned about your health.  There’s so much at our disposal these days.  Educate yourself about the physicians/healthcare providers in your community.  Unfortunately, there are some who are not up to par as in any profession, but that is where YOU take responsibility in researching the best practices, best hospitals, physicians, healthcare workers by seeing their reviews, their malpractices, etc.   All of that and more information is available to you online.  They are not always about that mighty dollar or trying to profit from you.  As a matter of fact, these healthcare professionals in your community clinics are affiliated with the big-named hospitals in your town – this is why they are now in your community – to serve you, help you and begin a healthier you!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get educated!

  1. Yes! I have a saying I tend to use a lot now. “It’s not a problem until its a probem” we must take care of our bodies because the older we get it is HARD to bounce back from an illness. I have been trying to get my energy and strength back from a severe sinus infection. It’s ROUGH so I am drinking more water taking my vitamins and going to get my flu and pneumonia shots. I DO NOT DO SICK WELL SO I NEED TO STAY WELL!

    1. I know what you mean Debra. As we get older, it IS hard to bounce back from any illness! You are on the right track by daily taking the vitamins and getting the necessary vaccines to prevent viruses. Hope you’re on the road to recovery! 🙂

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