A mother’s work is never done

mothers-day-337941_640Here to wish ALL mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day!  Whether you’re a mom yourself or not, we obviously ALL have had a mother and no matter what the nature of that relationship with your mom, she deserves to be honored, loved and thought of!

As of this Mother’s Day in 2014, I know I am blessed beyond measure to still have my precious mom, Mrs. Mary Hughes, still alive and doing well at 92 years of age.  Although I am unable to spend time with her this year, it’s still even just an honor and a joy to hear her ever so young-sounding voice on that phone and to still have her wits about her.

I especially want to send shout outs to all those that have lost their mother and especially the mother’s that have lost a child.  I hear all the time from mother’s who have lost a child that there is no other pain equal to that of losing a child, but this Mother’s Day, take those thoughts and remember all the beautiful things about that child (whether a child or an adult) that put a smile on your face. They may not be here in the physical, but you are STILL, and always will be their mother.

A mother’s work is never done – whether a newborn or whether an adult, a mother is always thinking, wondering, worrying and praying for their child.  No matter if you’re the mother of one child or the mother of 19 or more, there’s nothing like the love of a mother whose taken the time to groom, teach, heal, feed, laugh, cry and discipline their ‘youngins’ as I like to say.

So this Mother’s Day, spend some time, call and speak or find some way to honor your mother – she spent many hours bringing you into this world giving you life – keeping you alive and nurturing you – at least love on her while she’s here!

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