Mind-boggling – in all aspects

Mental illness…….I never thought I’d touch on this subject but it seems as though I can’t escape it.

There’s an increasing amount of people suffering from mental illness – whether it’s bipolar, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress or some other type of mental illness that people are suffering from.  Health-wise, it is very apparent that the mental health department is elephantinroomvery broken in this country…..federal, state and local mental health departments are under-funded, under-staffed and just do not have the resources to try and help those suffering.  Everyone keeps ‘passing the buck’ and continues to sit with the elephant in the room in not talking about it, not trying to find a solution – so when that happens, many suffering from mental illness are either unnecessarily incarcerated, alone or homeless.

I know of a few parents who are trying to deal with this problem on their own and it is NOT working.  These parents are slowly creating a quick and early demise for themselves as they have nowhere to turn and are adding undo stress into their lives.  Yet, these parents are torn because that IS their loved one, and they think they can help.

I definitely have no easy answers, especially since I’m not a medical professional.  All I know is that some of these many federal, state and local agencies – especially in the African American community – need to join forces with the mental health system and help!  Stop having so many high-dollar fundraising ‘dinners’ and unnecessary meetings and wasting tax-payer dollars and put those dollars into the mental health department where there are more available group homes or some where for these individuals to go to.  Building more prisons is not a solution, it’s creating more of a problem.  Again, those dollars meant to build prisons should be at least considered to go towards helping and creating solutions for our broken mental health system.  Those suffering shouldn’t have to feel alone.  They do not need to continue to be a danger to themselves as well as others.  They too deserve the help they so desperately need even, if it means having 24/7 medical staff (when needed) where they can eventually learn to lead a better, more normal life!

2 thoughts on “Mind-boggling – in all aspects

  1. On point Marsha! Indeed mind-boggling, and so many people are in need of treatment many do not even know they need HELP!

    1. So, so many need help, Debra. We’ve gotta start somewhere – maybe volunteering in our own communities to see how we can get people the help they need.

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