Straight from My Heart

rose-210072_640Happy Valentines Day to all.  Though there is no ‘special someone’ in my life right now, I do want to say thank you and I love ALL of my readers for supporting me and reading my blogs!

Fitting that this is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d wait for this day to share with you that February is also known as American  Heart Month! I’m sure you’ve seen ads this month related to heart disease, heart problems and many other articles and organizations such as  “Go Red”, (an American Heart Association organization dedicated to bringing awareness to women) regarding sustaining a healthy heart.

With a previous blog I’ve written, “Matters of the Heart”, I touched a little bit about my experiences with the heart after suffering a heart attack in 2010.    There is so much more to the heart  outside of a heart attack – so many variations of heart disease and many other heart problems.  I will not delve into much more of that today as there are hundreds of articles written regarding the heart – especially this month, but I just wanted all to be aware, take charge in having a healthier heart – whether it’s taking very small steps in maintaining a healthy heart through better diet, exercise, etc. or whether it’s taking charge in very tiny increments after suffering some type of heart-related trauma, such as a heart attack, heart failure, heart surgery in regaining your strength, monitoring your blood pressure, etc.  Take charge of your health in living a longer, healthier life!!!

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