Having so much but knowing so little

addiction-71538_640How many of us get so busy with our families, our children, our jobs?  Times are so different now,  we can’t even keep up with what day of the week it is!  We should begin to keep up with things like our medications, the types of medications, even your family members’ medications.  This can be vital when it comes to you and your family’s health.

On a daily basis, I transcribe multiple patient reports and a lot of these patients do not have a clue as to what he or she is taking or why.   A study published in 2010 (study actually taken in 2007-2008) showed children 12 and under took 2 or more prescription medications whereas older adults (60 and over) are taking 4 or more prescription medications – an increase of 76%!   I do understand that it can get very overwhelming – having multiple medical problems and having to take a number of medications for those health problems, but we have to start somewhere in getting a handle on this.

Though I myself take medications for my health issues, I’m not here to advocate taking medications nor advocating for an individual to not taking medications.  I do feel though that taking 20+ medications is a bit much!  Even many doctors have indicated in their dictation that that is way too many medications to be taking.  This is where you come in to empower YOUR health!  For those taking multiple medications, there’s nothing wrong with getting with your doctors and saying hey, can there be some adjustments made to my meds?  Do I really need this or that?  Can taking a particular vitamin or even eating certain types of food suffice rather than taking this medication and risking side effects?

We have so much at our exposure these days – the internet, different devices, different apps where we can read, learn, etc. yet we know so little about our own health, our medications, our own family medical history.  Hospitals and clinics are now finally getting acclimated to the technology that is available to them as well as to you, the patient, by providing applications to download your health information to include your history, your labs, your medications, etc., most at no cost to you!.

Here at youempoweryourhealth.com, I’m hopeful that this will be a place where you can get just a slice of the pie and begin your journey to the wealth of information that is available to you by educating you on different medication names and its usage  with my weekly “say what/defining words” section (and other blogs and medical terms) and getting YOU to understanding your health, your body, your meds and begin to take action for a healthier you!

1 thought on “Having so much but knowing so little

  1. Very true when you go to the Doctors we take whatever we are given no questions asked just when will I feel better? Have to go to WORK!

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