Words for the week:

Neuroplasty:  (NOO roh plas tee):    Surgical repair of a nerve.

Amniocentesis:  (am nee oh cen TEE sis):   Removal and analysis of a sample of the amniotic fluid with the use of a guided needle through the abdomen of the mother into the amniotic sac to diagnose fetal abnormalities.

BuSpar:  (generic for buspirone):  A medication often used as a sedative or sedative-hypnotic to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

Edema:  (Eh DEE muh):  Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cavities of tissues.  Essentially meaning swelling.

Choledocholithiasis:  (Koh lee do koh lih THY ih sis):  Presence of stones in the common bile duct.

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