I don’t understand

woman-241329_640Having transcribed thousands upon thousands of patient medical records since 1991 for various different hospitals and transcription services, for the life of me – I do not understand something.  Why is it that people voluntarily go to the ER or have a frightening symptom and call 911, yet turn around, get admitted to the ER or to the hospital but want to leave AMA (Against Medical Advice).  These are people that are coherent, not intoxicated or influenced by drugs – these are very sober people!

I also don’t understand why people who are already at risk for strokes, heart attacks, etc. – either from obesity or a risky lifestyle they’re living – why they have symptoms for months and months but do nothing about it?  Recently saw a TV show (that had nothing to do with health) whereas the person said, “I’ve had this burning sensation in my arm for quite some time now – I don’t know what it is”……..and the next DAY that person had a stroke!  Also encountered a situation where a person under 40 years old known to have diabetes – but has had an ulcer on their leg for months on in, foul-smelling – but does nothing about it??  Was told that the spouse of that person is contemplating leaving as they are tired of their loved one not caring more for themselves and not seeking medical attention to this problem.  A possible leg amputation could arise from that individual’s self-neglect – before they reach 40 years of age!

Feel free to answer this, discuss this with me and maybe we together can SOMEHOW get people the help they need before causing a very preventative permanent disability or untimely death.

2 thoughts on “I don’t understand

  1. I think a lot of people follow the IF I DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE IT IT’S NOT THERE PLAN! Denial is a powerful disruption.

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