How can WE do better

handshake-158683_640First off, I want to say that I welcome the challenge and the discussions that may result from my following blog.  This is why I’m here so that we can engage, learn, share, read and discuss how we can help each other:

WE – as people of color, MUST start doing better, becoming smarter when it comes to our health. I am by no means perfect – there IS no perfect person out there, but I’m certainly making every effort and being proactive to become a better me!

I’ve been evaluating other blogs related to personal medical issues/medical diseases, etc., among the African-American community .  Outside of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and healthy life coaches, I have not come across many African-Americans that are consistently blogging better health. Kudos to those that ARE blogging about losing weight and better eating habits!  Unfortunately though, it’s taken a near tragedy or extreme trauma in our past to even bring us to this point of engaging in better health.  This INCLUDES ME!!  We can certainly talk about Hollywood gossip, neighborhood gossip, relationship issues, sex, sports, etc. – and that’s okay to do – if that’s what you like.  In order for us to become better, healthier, we must have a new mindset about ourselves and learn to prioritize what’s important in our lives.

I believe that some African-Americans – especially in the disadvantaged communities – feel a ‘disconnect’ when it comes to their doctors,  nurse practitioners and other health professionals – feeling that they’re not easily accessible, they ‘don’t have time for me’ or they’re too expensive.  This is so far from the truth! 

We ALL have some family member, neighbor, co-worker, friend we know who continues to  avoid their ongoing illnesses instead of facing the problem head on.  With a little encouragement, and learning to come together, we can accomplish this and be a healthier community!

Take the time to learn about your community healthcare providers.  If you do find a physician who you feel is not satisfying your needs and questions, then by all means search for a second opinion.  It’s okay to write down questions before going to your doctor and posing those questions to your physician.   And remember, no question is silly or stupid to a healthcare professional.  When you begin to care and educate yourself about your health, those physicians will go above and beyond their calling to help you become a healthier you!

2 thoughts on “How can WE do better

    1. And with your idea of ‘kicking it up a notch’ will be a BIG push for ALL of us to follow suit and be an example for someone else!

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