‘Tis the season

allergy-18656_640Influenza A and B viruses – better known as “the flu” – should NOT be taken lightly.  It’s one thing to have a cold, sneezing, sniffles, but it’s another to have the flu virus.

Influenza is a respiratory viral infection that attacks the nose, throat, sometimes respiratory system.  It can spread rapidly and can also become deadly – especially for small children and the elderly.

Late fall and winter seasons is the peak of the  flu – changes and fluctuation of the weather and temperature – and everyone is susceptible.

There are three types of Influenza – A, B and C.  Both A and B are the most common annual flu epidemic whereas influenza C is less severe.  Symptoms of the flu versus a cold are:  fever, chills, tiredness,  muscle aches.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to illnesses, so know your body  and be proactive.  Again, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’m not advocating running to the emergency room or doctor’s office every time you have a slight symptom, but KNOW your body and use common sense.  If you have a fever, chills, severe cough that has gone on for more than a day or two,  and to keep down the spread of any potential viral infection, please go and see your doctor.  Now available in most communities are your local minute clinics if you’re still hesitant to go see your doctor.  There’s no appointment necessary and they do have licensed medical staff who can treat you and/or direct you where you need to go.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the season

    1. Lol. That’s a great idea. Remember back in the days when we – well at least I thought that the flu shot would cause us to actually get the flu? Medicine has advanced a lot from those days – at least some things have.

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