Oh My Aching Head!

dreamstimecomp_30996740(HEADACHE)Yep, that dull, aggravating, constant headache you’ve been having.  It’ll go away but still eventually return.   Headaches, dull or severe could be a number of things – stress, anxiety, a migraine never diagnosed, TMJ (temporomandibular joint (or grinding of teeth) or something more serious.

Two things I NEVER play around with is my head and my heart (no punt intended) medically.  My experience with headaches (on different occasions in my life) were TMJ and the onset of me developing hypertension (high blood pressure).  With the TMJ issues, there were LOTS of stressors in my life during that time  so I would take out my ‘stress’/anxiety in my sleep by grinding/clinching my teeth while asleep.  I would clinch so hard that upon awakening, I would instantly have a sharp headache.  The headache would diminish to a dull headache throughout the remainder of the day, but never go away entirely.  

Even though I sit here year after year typing patient medical records and coming across varying different diseases, medical problems, not once did I think I was creating my own medical problems.  I guess I had the “it can’t happen to me” syndrome!  Beginning approximately 2006, I never realized I was creating my OWN hypertension either back in 2005 and on.  Alcohol and excessive amounts of salt intake  I feel is what started that.  I was not a heavy drinker of alcohol, not even an every day drinker, but those are 2 factors that contributes to high blood pressure.  

Again, I’m not suggesting to go to the doc every time you have a pain or symptom, but if it is a persistent or ongoing pain, do NOT ever put it off getting treated.  You’d rather be safe,  get seen, than to let it drag on and once finally seen, be some sort of serious or even devastating medical issue.

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